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  Monday, April 3rd 2006 12:12 pm  
» TRC Pairing Preferences
what are your pairing prefs for the TRC gang?

cutest couple ^o^ definate chemistry there. Fye seems flirtatious with kurogane and kurogane is always watching Fye.
fye/chi: i veeiw this as sorta a "father -daughter" type thing. Fye created Chi so its natural that he'd care alot about her, and she'd be devoted to him.
Kurogane-tomoyo: she helped him with *something* when he was a young boy, so he protects her (at all costs) not a love-love relation ship.
fye/sakura: who the HELL thought of this one? its gross really, he's 10+years older than she is, and to me, if anything, its an "older brother/little sister" kinda thing.
Syaoran/sakura: well DUH! why else?

those are the all the fan pairings (that deal with the 4 main characters) [thank GOD no ones made up any other matchings >.<]

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Posted on Tuesday, April 4th 2006 11:08 pm 
[removed spammy post]

post only if you 1 watch/read this anime/manga and 2 have diferent similar veiws to the pairings.*-)


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