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I think of myself as a pretty friendly person. I don't insult strangers; I reserve that for friends :p I'm more than willing to talk about most anything, so feel free to inquire.

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Greatest American Dog -- posted on September 11, 2008
I don't blog much here anymore, but I wanted to take the opportunity to send my congratulations and express my joy at Laurie and Andrew's awesome finish on The Greatest American Dog. They came in second place out of numerous worthy canines, and we couldn't have asked for a better performance. I've known Laurie for years and actually work for her part-time at Pup N' Iron; her pride and joy (the business, not me). How she managed to keep the results a secret is beyond me, but I've enjoyed watching the show all season, and am psyched to see where the exposure from the show takes her in the future.

If you're ever rolling through VA, stop by and say "hi" to her! Heck, I might even be there too if you're lucky. Comment >>

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