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I'll drop by here whenever I can. (L)

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Dusting Off the Cobwebs -- posted on July 23, 2006
Well it's been several months since I dropped by here. The only reason I'm doing so is because I'm having trouble getting into my usual site. The last time I went there, it caused my whole system to crash. :(
Not that I've done any blogging for the past month there either. I've just been pre-occuppied with the World Cup and all. Hmmm...I wonder if there's a FIFA World Cup guide here too. Well any way, since I can't get into my usual site, I just thought I'd let those who thought I may be missing know that I'm not gone. I'm just having trouble with my system (or maybe their system) ^o).
There's not gonna be any riddles for the time being. I know it's been a while, but I haven't really been giving much thought about creating any new ones. Plus, I'm kinda running out of shows. My channels have been flooded with local programs and none of them are good. And whatever American shows I can get right now are utterly new, too new for me to figure them out yet.
I recently mananged to get to watch season 5 of 24. Awesome show, sadly I missed season 4, and had alittle trouble following what was going on in season 5. Damn, everyones dead, sigh :( why do good shows have to be like that. This is probably gonna be another show I'm gonna remember for the rest of my dying days. Comment >>

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