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My computer specs: My custom I made that got fried by AOL 2000-2003 RAM:512 MB DDR PROCCESSOR:AMD Athlon XP +1700(means eXtreme Performance) Case: Systemax SA-14 Motherboard: VIA KT266 Video Card: NVidia Geforce Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Live! WDM series Hard Drive: Seagate 36 GB CD Drive: Samsung OS: Windows 2000 Rating: 8.6-10 Dell 2003-Present Ram: 256 DDR 2 Single channel Proccessor: Intel Pentium 4 Sound card: Intel something Video card: Voodoo something OS: Windows XP Hard Drive: Western Digital 69 GB Rating: 5.7-10 CD Drive: HL-DL-ST 2nd custom built I made(almost the exact same) 2005-Present 1 GB DDR 2 Proccessor: AMD Athlon XP +2100 Case: Systemax SA-14 Motherboard: VIA KT266 Video Card: NVidia GeForce 2 Sound card: Creative (something, not the same as my other custom) Hard Drive: Western Digital 78 GB CD Drive: Mitsumi OS: Windows XP Rating 9.4-10

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some guy is challenging my guide -- posted on July 10, 2006
some member is challenging my guide
i mean c'mon!
this year has been the worst in my entire life
1st: break my leg
2nd: Break my nose
3rd: my girlfriend passes away
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• February 2, 2006: I became Editor!
• January 29, 2006: New to the site

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