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My name is Jimmy and my teeth look silly! Break it down now, break it down now.

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I'm Going To College -- posted on August 28, 2009
In just 4 hours from writing this, I'm moving away from home for the first time. I'm going to Muhlenberg College in Pennsylviania. I'm so fucking nervous right now. on my own for the first time, and I have to deal with a roommate.

Because of the college classes I took in high school, I'm actually almost already halfway done with college!. You need 34 credits and high school gave me 16! I get to finish two years early, or I can (and will probably do) double major.

I saw "Inglourious Basterds" and "District 9" this month. I urge you to see them both. They are awesome.

And in other news. Around 3 years ago, I pranked Spongeyfan. Here is a link:
Well, he IMed me in April 2009.
hi butt buddy
rember whn u asskd me weather i likd to pitc or cat ch? i wanna catch frum u on a webcam

My past is out to haunt me!

And Cindy, I've given up hope you'd give me the you-know-what pictures. :( Comment >>

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