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Bye bye birdie -- posted on May 13, 2007
Well, today, one of my parakeets, named Chewy, also known as The Yellow One, disappeared from his cage this morning. My family and I looked all over the house to find him, but there wasn't a single trace of him. After several hours, we gave up hope and concluded that he flew away, somewhere into the world.

It's a very traumatic experience, to lose something you had so close to you for so long. I can hardly remember the day I brought him and my other parakeet home. we never had any problems with them, until today. I suppose it's my fault for accidentally leaving the cage door open while I went to study, but it's still very painful. Whenever I'd let them fly around my house, I'd always be able to hear them, always, constantly chirping to each other. I'd know exactly where they were even after letting them fly around, so I could catch them later. But today, after holding one of them, the other flew out on its own. I lost track of them for awhile, and then I realized that one of them was missing. I'm so confused: I had trained my parakeets to come back to their cage on their own, but why not now?

Well, this bird always wanted freedom. This one always tried to get out of the cage, at the slightest chance that it was unlatched. I didn't want to see it go out this way, without even getting a final chance to see it. I'm very worried about it; without its cage, where will it go? How will it survive out there in the cold weather, with no food, no shelter, no one to care for it? And worse, what if it's dead?

I have no idea what to do with my other bird, The Blue One, now. I was thinking of giving it back to the pet shop; it's no good living with me anymore. When I left him in his cage outside, I heard him chirp to other birds, as if he was saying "Can someone come play with me?" He hardly made any movements, didn't even want to eat anything. It wouldn't be fair to let him live this way. On the other hand, I've had it for so long. It would feel even worse to let him go too.

At least someone got their wish.

So long Chewy. Comment >>

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