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Just a little bit of info about me: 1. I tell everyone that I weigh about 300 lbs. 2. I say the word Awesome roughly a dozen times a day. 3. I don't like to be corrected for misspelling the word "water Hose" as "water Hoes", I like my version better. 4. Blond is my natural color, and yes it is spelled Blond not Blonde. 5. I'm not quite sure how my name got 2 T's (?) but I like to think it's a joke from my parents letting me be called Kitty by ever R-Tard teacher I'v ever had. 6. I cook for a living and bake for fun, but I never wanted a real career, that would be a hobbie, and I haven't found a demand for scrap-booking music lovers. 7. Humor is the only reason I visit this place, I enjoy chatting to comical people instead of folding laundry. 8. I would marry Peanut M&Ms if they would have me. 9. I enjoy photoshopped pictures of myself doing weird things. 10. Chris/ME made my awesome Banner, so special thanks to him:) and many more things I have yet to think of... Dance little Star, Dance! *stardance

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Later Taters -- posted on December 12, 2006
Yeah, I know I left before, but this time it's for good. I don't have time to spend here anymore. I haven't been on regularly since well, I guess when others started leaving. I have been trying to get into my guitar alittle more and I started baking on an everyday basis (I'm a wet dream for all you lovers of sweets) And well, just getting back to life in general.

It was easy to get caught up in this place because some one was always around to talk to. But I should've been hanging out with my family and friends instead. Avoiding my problems by hiding here almost cost me some relationships in my everyday life.

Not to mention that game systems have taken a huge chunk outta my day too (the wii has given me amazing abs) lol, I highly recommend it :)

I sent a few of you PMs and I really hope the best for the rest of you.

As always: Poop poop poop, watch Frisky Dingo and Venture Brothers on Adult Swim (check your local listings).

Love, MUCH love :love: ~Kattie

Idiot was the biggest Hottie Mcfottie EVER jk! lol Comment >>

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Real Name: KCC aka Special K aka Idiot
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Hobbies & Interests: Baggin my Tea. I really enjoy cooking, music, some video games, singing in my car, dancing with my dogs, and wasting time here.
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Favorite Movies: "The Bag Man" no seriously: Fight Club, American History X, Team America, Indiana Jones, Anything Scary
Favorite Movie Directors: Kevin Smith / Tim Burton
Favorite Books: The Giver / To Kill a MockingBird
Favorite Authors: Lois Lowry / Harper Lee
Favorite Sport: extreme teabagging, Football and American Football
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: Jesus loves You....But everyone else thinks your an Ass
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