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I Was A TvTome Lifer, part two -- posted on July 26, 2009
This is more of my history as an ep guides editor (the TVtome days in this part)

At one point on the old TVTome I was an editor for some thirteen series (Big Brother, American Dreams, Mama's Family, Wings, Step By Step just to name a few). But of all those series I had two success stories that I think are interesting to make light of. (a bit of bragging follows :))

I feel I can take credit for starting the soap opera guide building boom that swept Tome in the last year or so of it's existence. I took over ABC's General Hospital and build it into a massive guide with hundreds of completed episodes and was by far the most complete and current guide on the net (that I knew of). So soon after that many of the other daytime guides began to be snapped up and before I knew it they were being built into guides (some that could even rival mine). But I was first 8).

I also successfully started and completed the most extensive guide to the sitcom Mama's Family ever written. Summaries, quotes, goofs, complete cast and crew. All 130 episodes were completed. And this was before most people did the complete credits thing. Back then it was writer/director and that was it. I thought it was important to do the entire credits list and that's one reason I landed here (more on that in a later blog).

more in part three... Comment >>

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