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Crap aand the power of doo-doo -- posted on May 15, 2011
First of all, the animation is terrible. The movements are really choppy, and the colours are really bright and flashy. (I wouldn't recommend this show to people who have a history of seizures.) The character designs aren't any better. They look like a three year old designed them. Being an artist and an art lover, the bad animation and art is something I personally can't let slip by. The characters aren't good either. None of non-normal are likable what-so-ever. Cheif is the leader of the group. He is extremely bland. Lok is the so called Warior. He isn't anymore exciting than Cheif, and he overreacts to every situation. Tak is a character who was smacked into the show for comic relief, but really, none of the characters are funny. Jeera is a friend of the hero who helps them with their problems, in fact, she IS the one who the only normal character in the series. The characters are just painful to look at; Tak looks like someone poured acid all over his face, Cheif looks like a shaved bear wearing a skirt to make him look like a lady, and Lok, the worst of them all, looks like Waluigi on crack, Lok is the kind of thing children check their closets for at night. Zariah looks like one of those human that look a platypus like in Igor (Dr. Glickenstein)and Despicable Me (Vector) with the Platypus head and human body. In a live action show, it looks fine, on a cartoon, not so much.

The voice acting is horrid and the humor is childish. I actually couldn't find anything in the show that was supposed to be funny!

So, to sum it down, it has bad characters, bad plots and horrible animation. Avoid this show at all costs. 0/10.

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