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A poem about a boy with barriers and a girl watching from af -- posted on January 23, 2006
You say you’re here

But you’re not even near

I judged you from afar

Even though I don’t know who you are

So now I’m thinking in a way

That how can I judge if I don’t know how you live your days
I glanced at your eyes

And I see a life that has been plagiarized

So what are you hiding?

If you’re pretending to be so happy

Acting cool like nothing can’t phase you

But then at home you break down

Then in your thoughts you drown

And now I wanna know who you are

I don’t know what to do cause you’ve built up walls

How can I approach you without passing a barrier you have

So here I am from afar

Sending you little notes and glances

Hoping I can cheer you up

From whatever makes you feel down

And maybe we can be friends someday

Cause I’m thinking of you in every possible way
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