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Television Landscape -- posted on May 8, 2015
There are times I believe that network executives don't live in the "real world" with the rest of us.

Some might disagree with me on this example, and that's ok.

Take ABC. They cancel Forever and keep that cast bloated mess that is Once Upon A Time. Forever was well written, had a great cast and kept an even pace.
Once Upon a Time is a complete disaster. They ping around and rush stories, introducing new characters without fully exploring the ones they have. OUaT is unbalanced. It needs someone to get into the writers room and Gibbs smack some of those people in the head.

Then we swing our attention to the multi episode airings For instance, CSI Cyber. Three episodes over two nights (this is next week, FYI), bringing it to the full 13 episode order. For what reason? To finish the series on a "traditional" time frame?

TV is changing. The way we view it, the way we get it. Everything. With so many cutting the cord to flee from cable companies, online viewing is how most are enjoying their shows. Or at least in my circle of friends, this seems to be the case. (I'm in the USA) -- I myself "cut the cord" and haven't suffered the loss of any of my favorite shows. I also don't watch any "reality" TV. I find that making stupid people famous is a practice that needs to stop immediately.

Is the future of television more Netflix like? On demand, rather than waiting patiently every week for new episodes and enduring increasingly longer and longer hiatus periods?

Not sure what things will look like over the next two to three years. I do however, expect some rather large changes in the way they start to do business.
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