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  Tuesday, November 25th 2008 6:40 am  
» WiseCrack: The College Years
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Howdy Ragers,

I know what you're thinking, "WiseCrack is blogging for reasons other than that it's his birthday and he wants comments so he feels better about himself?". Yeah, I'm pretty surprised myself. However, I felt this was indeed a very special occasion. Three years ago today (November 25th, 2005), as a sophomore in high school, I joined TVRage. It seems like so long ago. We've gained so many great members and staff members along the way, and while we've unfortunately also lost a few; I couldn't be prouder of what this site has become, and it's only getting better.

I feel like I've become somewhat more distant from the site, as I always seem to say in these blogs, at least compared to how I used to be. But I assure everyone I'm always around reading your posts and giving my input on site decisions, and hopefully will be for the foreseeable future.

So, I thought it might be neat to actually write a blog where I tell you about what's going on in my life since I rarely get to do that and I know you're all so interested. Like the title suggests, I finally started college this August. The experience is so crazy and it's so different from high school but I'm loving every minute of it. I do miss my old friends though, as I was the only one from my high school to go to this college, and can't wait to see them this Thanksgiving.

My major is a bit complicated to explain, essentially it has to do with everything technological, but I'm minoring in Web Design and Development. It's funny actually, I always had an interest in websites but if I hadn't joined TV Tome over three years ago I doubt that interest would ever have taken off and who knows what I'd be majoring in. It's funny how something so small as joining a TV website one friday night when you're bored can change your life. But, yeah, who knows, maybe in a few years I'll be able to help Seb out with the coding around here.

As for school itself, it's going great. As a part of my program I got a brand new Macbook Pro filled with every program from Adobe Creative Suite. If we have any computer design nerds here, they'll know that's pretty much a dream come true. And yes, if you're wondering, Macbook's "photobooth" app has turned me into a camera w***e.

Other than that, I'm pretty much just trying to enjoy life while balancing homework, family, friends, and of course, TVRage. Hope all is well with all of you and I can't wait for you guys to see some of the pretty cool stuff we've got planned for Rage.

Happy early Thanksgiving,
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Posted on Tuesday, November 25th 2008 8:42 am 
It's funny how something so small as joining a TV website one friday night when you're bored can change your life.

Couldn't agree more. Actually, if Tome never closed down, I'd probably be a different person (since I only got active in internet forums after it closed). I've gained a lot of insight on about every topic imaginable from hundreds people in the last few years. Plus, my vocabulary and typing skills have increased dramatically.

Glad you're doing good though. I'm starting college next year. I do think the worst part will be not having my closest friends around anymore. We all have to move on eventually I guess. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 25th 2008 9:11 am 
Aw, those pictures of you -- you don't look like Steve from Blues Clues anymore!

On Thursday, January 19th 2006 12:30 am, DW wrote:
You sort of look like Steve from Blue's Clues.

I wish that link to your picture still existed. Sorry, I'm sure I'm the only person in the world who remembers that comment.

Anyway, it's good to hear you're doing well. Good luck with everything, and have a great holiday!

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Posted on Tuesday, November 25th 2008 6:42 pm 
The post a picture of yourself thread.. so classic. There is probably so much blackmail material in there.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 12:54 am 
The last picture is really nice.

Just where are you going to school anyway? Did you stay in the city?

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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 5:27 am 
Aw, WC... nice to hear you're doing well and thriving in college. Do you have clean socks? You gotta have clean socks. Don't make me come over there and do your laundry... I worry at night that you've run out of clean socks.

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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 2:26 pm 
Who's hand is on your face? Looks like a woman's hand

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Posted on Wednesday, November 26th 2008 5:18 pm 
Damn we were sophomores in high school? Seems like ages ago. Just remembering those times, I think you really have changed a lot. You've matured so much. Just look at some of our old PMs to each other, we were so goofy acting. lol

Anyway, it's good your going to school to become a "computer wiz". lol I need you to make me a fake doctor's excuse for one of my college classes. Just kiddin...But I'm glad to see you're doing good in school.

YOU BETTER BE DOING ALL OF YOUR WORK MISTER!! You won't get any.......if you don't!! lmao Haha Silly times...

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Posted on Friday, November 28th 2008 11:58 pm 
Hysteria: Leaving your friends behind is definitely a weird experience but you meet a lot of cool new interesting people in college, fast. I wouldn't worry about it.

holophonor: haha I totally remember that picture! I've been searching for it the last few days on my computer but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth! If I find it i'll shoot you a PM.

nishi: Thanks, I'm at Drexel University.

cindy: aww haha, that's so sweet. No worries though, my socks are the cleanest on campus!

Me: It's my sister's, lol.

Maria: I know haha I go through our old PM's from time to time, great times back then. I miss being that goofy. LOL oh no, I need it! I'll get to work.

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Posted on Sunday, November 30th 2008 9:15 pm 
Great to hear you're doing well, WC. Have fun on college!

Also, the pic on "turned" makes me believe you were a guest host on SNL? When did that happen?

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Posted on Tuesday, December 2nd 2008 3:16 am 
Aww, you're quite the cutie. Good luck on finals!


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