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  Sunday, March 22nd 2009 7:45 pm  
» Q&A w/ WC!
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I was going through some of my old PM's, since I'm a pack rat and keep everything I've ever gotten (my inbox is probably the reason we needed a new server ), and found some old questions people sent me shortly after I became a mod a long long time ago. I think at some point I had promised to answer them, but never did, so here's me keeping my word!

1) Why is your username "WiseCrack"?

When I first registered at TVTome I wanted the username "WiseGuy" but some asshole had already taken it. Believe it or not, on the forums all I used to do is joke around and make fun of people, so the nickname seemed appropriate. But, like I said, it was taken, so I went through about 10 others before I had to leave for dinner and accidentally pushed submit with "WiseCrack" typed in. I don't know why the "C" is capitalized, maybe back then I thought "wisecrack" was two words, or maybe I just wanted a name that looked like it was two words. Probably both, but I like how it grew into people calling me "WC".

2) What's up with your avatar?

I always liked the idea of having one avatar that I would always use, but back when I first got here I never could decide on one. Then one day I came across this picture at DeviantArt and loved it for some reason. I got Batman_Beyonder2 to animate the rain, and later add lightening (which I can no longer use because it's too big of a file), and used that for a long time. Then I got the idea to have the avatar change depending on what season it was, and BB2 helped me out again. I've been using the system ever since and I still love it. Has it become synonymous with me?

Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

3) Do you like being a mod? Did you ever think you would be?

I do like being a mod, I hated spammers back at TVTome and so being able to prevent that from happening here is a great power for me to have. At this point, years after this question was originally asked, there's honestly not much more for me to do around here! Haha. We have a pretty stable community so I don't get to ban the bad guys like I used to. But one day, one day they'll be back, and I'll be waiting. I didn't really know if I was ever going to become a staff member here. I was one of the first and biggest posters in the beginning, so I thought maybe, but it was still a big surprise when JQP told me.

4) When will you become a site admin?

Haha, you can tell this one is old. Probably never. Which is fine, I don't want to be. Back when I first started a part of me hoped I would eventually be one, but that was just young power hunger. There's really no need for me to be an admin since I don't really work too much with the contribution end of this site, just the community aspect. Just being able to be behind the scenes at all is awesome.

5) Who's your favorite member? Or the member that has most impressed you?

Oh jeez. Honestly, I don't have a favorite member. All of you guys make me laugh, which I love you for. In terms of being impressed, hmm, I'd have to say the one that sticks out in my mind (and this is purely personal opinion, nothing to do with the rest of the staff) is andrew. I remember he was one of the first people I had to suspend, and he took it like a champ. He used the time to work on his guides, and came back with a new name and a new attitude. Just the fact that he went from someone we were all hoping would do something to get banned to what he is now is pretty impressive in my book. Other than that, all you guys with thousands of contrib points and 10,000+ posts impresses me to no end. As well as the staff here, especially tikidawg who does so so much for the site, and the Global Editors who are always picking up other peoples slack. When Ryan was first made a Mod, and now, he brought a ton of new idea's to the team which really impressed me also.

6) Who do you miss the most?

Hmm. I definitely miss PureMaria, even though we talk occasionally still, but I miss the old days with her. I also really really miss Murdock, he was such a great addition to the site. We had our issues with JQP, but he was always a great friend to me and I miss him too. Other than that, I miss my old TVTome buds who used to come around here like Super_Cool, MirrorKirby, BB2, MeatwadIsGod, KK3869, Shade_45, Sonic_Revolution, WhoShotKaji, and Sman, and many more. They were all great additions to the team.

This was fun and a great time killer, haha. If anyone has any new questions about anything throw em' my way. If you're as bored as I was, I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Later Ragers,
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Posted on Sunday, March 22nd 2009 8:24 pm 
I love your avatar. I always wondered where it came from.

Going back and reading old Andrew posts is always fun.

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Posted on Monday, March 23rd 2009 2:27 am 
Oh cool, a shout out! Thanks!

Going back and reading old Andrew posts are embarrassing. Not fun. I really said some stupid stuff. Seeing people like Kelly and Omar yell at me and stuff is always fun though. I am not going to bother to look for it, but there is this post by Kelly that basically says "I hate YOU!" lol, so I find that really funny now. I think back then, I was focused on getting attention and my name out there. I always did like the site though, which is which is why I shaped up. Hah.

I bet I asked one of those questions.

Agree with #6 100%. I wish eatcacti stuck around, rather than send me just 1 PM. Doogley was pretty cool, IDIOT was hilarious, Javi..was..him, uh........Spongeyfan was unintentionally hilarious, and there are others..

What ever happened to your BANNER?


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Posted on Monday, March 23rd 2009 10:36 pm 
I always thought the avatar was some kinda anime character I wasn't familiar with...which would be a lot of them actually...cool!

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Posted on Tuesday, March 24th 2009 1:12 am 
May I add you as a friend?


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