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https://www.facebook.com/amarvarma2012 Amar's Road Towards Love, Inner Peace, Joy, Intent and Happiness 01. Ability to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experiences. 02. Ability to have the unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. 03. Ability to lose interest in judging self. 04. Ability to lose interest in judging other people. 05. Ability to lose interest in conflict. 06. Ability to lose interest in interpreting actions of others. 07. Ability to lose the ability to worry. 08. Ability to have frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation. 09. Ability to have contented feelings of being connected with others and nature. 10. Ability to have frequent attacks of smiling through the eyes of the heart. 11. Ability to accept the love given by others as well as the extending love to others. 12. Ability to allow things to happen rather than force them to happen. 13. Ability to live life with good intentions in all thoughts, actions and all aspects of living. 14. Ability to live life where our love for each other is greater than our need for each other. 15. Ability to love all people, embrace their differences & respect their personal paths in life. 16. Ability to understand that all anger and hatred stems from fear, insecurities, and lack of knowledge. 17. Ability to integrate the knowledge & understanding that we are souls and never die. 18. Ability to realize that we are here to learn from all the people we meet. 19. Ability to be the kind of person that we would like to attract and have in our life. 20. Ability to recognize the difference between desires of our soul and the desires created within us created by society. 21. Ability to evaluate our life by the intentions of our actions not the sum of the success and failures of our deeds. 22. Ability to recognize and appreciate that what we have is of greater value than what we are taught to strive for. 23. Ability to empower oneself and others to follow our souls desires.. 24. Ability to know the fortitude by which one faces the challenges in our souls journey. 25. Ability to focus on the present rather than the past or the future. 26. Ability to forgive all including oneself. 27. Ability to allow the soul to create one’s life rather than let the ego create one’s life. 28. Ability to stop reviewing & reliving what has happened in the past. Written from the knowledge I have learned to date and am learning on an ongoing basis. LOTS more lessons still to LEARN... This is my Journey and MY PATH My email is amar.varma@gmail.com I am single, have no kids ... I like to ski, hike, hang out on boats, Canoeing is fun, picnicking, campfires, walking on the beach or any where pretty and specially with someone pretty LOL .... Outdoorsy stuff... also like to go dancing... go to clubs at times... like being with and talking to friends.... About Me I love to be adventurous and do any and everything you can think of. I'm not shy. I tend to be very easy going and I so hate drama. I have none in my life so if you have any drama to share please dont bother. I want to have fun and maybe just maybe find my forever person. About My Match Well If there is already chemistry going then there's no telling what I might do. I don't believe in wasting time. I love to make people laugh and think. I think cuddling up on the couch watching a movie is a good way at times to spend time. Maybe a little wine & tickle fest can be fun just to get the first jitters over with so that we can get to that first kiss..... and then shhhh I can't tell you. Things I do for fun: I like to cook. I am getting better at it, but I'm a long way from receiving my cook's whites. I can create with whatever I find in the kitchen usually is good, sometimes not. Pretty good curry. I got a few different cultures covered. I like to party but I'm also a laid back individual at heart. I'm one of those people who can do anything for fun but it also depends on the mood that I'm in at the time. I really can't say that i will have one thing that I would definitively do for fun. Perfect evenings: I would have my friends over for a big meal. I'd cook. We'd set up a big table and just have it overflowing with food. Lots of great wine, too, and beer. And we'd just sit and talk and then dessert and more wine and more conversation and that would be my perfect evening. Another perfect evening: I think I will say that it would include a good looking intelligent woman and the night would go smoothly no matter what we end up doing. An evening that works out without any problems and hopefully we'll workout as well. Another perfect evening: Wandering out, into the woods or mountains, with a beautiful looking, beautiful minded woman, a small picnic and a very large blanket, in one hand, a bottle of liquor, in the other. I'll let your imagination finish this one off... There are so many perfect evenings all of them depend on the company and the openness of the person I am with I am living in Ottawa, Ontario Canada... I would love to get a chance to get to know you better. I love to enjoy all that life has to offer and you are someone I am sure I would love to share and enjoy lots of things with. Hope to talk to you soon... I would love to hear from you & get to know you better. You can learn about me a bit by emailing me at amarvarma1957@gmail.com :love: :love: :love: :love:


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Real Name: Amar Varma
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Occupation: Spiritual Advisor, Life coach, Consciousness Based Coach
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