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  Monday, March 7th 2011 6:48 pm  
» Leaving on a Jet Plane...
..to Florida! For Spring break, on Wednesday.

As it turns out, Kelly (holophonor) is also going to be in the Orlando area at the same time, so we both are going to meet in real life!

Don't worry! I will be with my group of friends and vice versa, so if one of us is secretly Jo or a serial killer, than we will not be killed. We plan on going to Universal Studies the same day (Friday, March 11) and we are going to meet in the HP World.

Kelly and I have been Skype chatting for over a year now, but it will be exciting to finally meet in person and meet the people behind the avatars. We will be sure to take lots of pictures and one of us (or both) will probably blog about it when our trips are over.

Well, that is all.

I don't know when I'll be back again. (except, I do, but I had to finish the blog title)
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Posted on Wednesday, March 9th 2011 10:31 am 
Cool, have fun on Spring Break! And also have fun meeting Kelly in real life too.

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Posted on Friday, March 11th 2011 1:50 pm 
Have a good time!!!!!!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 30th 2011 9:51 pm 
how wass it??

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Posted on Thursday, March 31st 2011 5:10 pm 
i hope you had fun.


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