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  Friday, April 1st 2011 9:45 pm  
» Back from spring break
I got back a while ago, but haven't been on TVRage to blog about it and I've been extremely busy and I also have been kinda sick after I got back, so I've had a lot of catch up to do on top of everything. (But I'm better now! )

As you heard about in my last blog, I was going to Florida for Spring break. Also going to Florida simultaneously was none other than our very own Kelly Holophonor.

Kelly and I DID meet. It was really awkward, since we've known eachother for 5 years, but have never met in person, but after a while, it seemed like we knew eachother the whole time.

Kelly is exactly the same as she is online. Well, obviously, she is not a rotating Fry, but she is just as hilarious, if not more, because you get more out of a real conversation than a written one.

The only bad thing about it was I had to explain to the people with who she was, but I lied, and told them she was my older cousin, since Kelly is in her mid 20s and I am in my late teens. haha. So, they let me be and when off to do their own thing, and Kelly and I just hung out. We went to this little concession stand/restaurant thing in this Jurassic Park cafe. The food was alright, but it was just fun hanging out with her.

We WENT to Harry Potter world. Her group joined my group (although her friends kept to themselves, mine kept to themselves, and Kelly and I were kind of a third-inbetweener group). It was everything I dreamt it would be. I got a wand made and I am currently eating some Bertie Botts as I type this blog. I did stick to the red ones, but now I am running low. My least favorite flavor is probably popcorn, bacon, peanut butter, coffee, licorice, and thing weird flavor I can't decipher. We went on the Flight of the Hippogirff. Fun ride.

We spent about the whole afternoon there and my group headed back to my hotel. Kelly went back with her friends wherenever they were staying.

Kelly and I took a picture together - I do not yet have her permission to post it though (it IS on Facebook though) but here is a little sneak peak of our group heading into Hogwarts castle.

If Kelly approves the pic, you will see it in her blog, set to be posted in the near future, in part 2. Since Kelly is a better writer, her blog will probably be more detailed, more organized, and will be a lot better than my blog. haha.

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Posted on Saturday, April 9th 2011 11:37 pm 
glad you guys had a good time. i always think its fun when ragers meet in real life.

you guys technically held the first IRL staff meeting. woohoo.

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Posted on Sunday, April 10th 2011 9:55 pm 
I'm sooooo jealous! I'm dying to go to the Harry Potter world.

Glad you had a great time though.

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Posted on Friday, June 17th 2011 11:46 pm 
P.S. APRIL FOOLS. Except, Kelly kinda left the site, so the prank kinda failed, in addition to the fact that we have a non-existent community.


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