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  Monday, December 26th 2011 6:47 am  
» Top 50 Ragers of All Time
(in alphanumerical order)

Name: 2pac
2pac's legacy will be forever known. All though much like the rapper he was named after, he left before his time, he will be known forever as one of the most "enthusiastic" forum posters. I think I am the only person who has created more forum topics than him, and he's been banned since 2006, so that's quite the feat. Although his postings lacked quality, the quantity epitomized what the early community was all about - he will never be replicated.

Name: Allison
Allison is a member of The Covenant and is also an editor. Allison works hard, yet also is able to keep her sanity and is a nice girl, who everyone should get to know.

Name: andrew
ME. I am just simply awesome, so how can I not be on this list? Well, my defense for being on this list of my own making is that I have always been amongst the most active members since my registration, one of the most avid bloggers, topic creator, editor, and now forum moderator/covenant. Yep. Go me.

Name: Aramis
The artist formerly known as xGowronx, Miana is one of the top contributors on the site, Trekkie, and is simply a genius. She definitely deserves the place next to me on the list.

Name: AshleyNoir
Ashley has never contributed to the site. Contribution wise. But community wise, Ashley was among the best. She was smurfette before Katy Perry and she calls MN home. That alone makes her deserving of a spot.

Name: Balamagu
He is only on this list because he is actor Shia LaBeouf in real life. He was only on the site for a few days, barely posted, but he was the real deal, and it's kinda cool that a real celebrity was on the site, especially since he blew up to B/A-list status after he joined.

Name: Batman_Beyonder2
Isaac was the reason Shia even joined. Besides his insane connections, Batz could do wonders in photoshop and make the sweetest avatars TVRage has ever seen to this day. Who knows what he can do now 5 years later?

Name: bebopordeath
The first Chris on our list (and not the last), this Chris has always been a cool dude. Serving our country and a writer, Chris is also an editor and great member of the forum community. Boom.

Name: Ben21
Originally just an avid contributor, Ben rose to fame after his bromance with Ryan (see below) took the site by storm. Now, he is still an avid contributor, but after being a mod for several years, it turns out he is a site administrator alongside Sebrioth himself. Bravo!

Name: Blae
Our Dutch staff member, Blae has been here since the beginnings, staffing hard and being a good addition to the Rage leadership. He also is a big supporter of the Firefox before it became mainstream and also likes Alfred Hitchcock.

Bobpage was British. He liked to talk about all things sport. Tea and crumpets. etc. He also was a great contributor. bobpage.

Name: calicow
cali is one of the most active users nowadays, along with guytwo, and together, they keep the forum alive. cali also is a great contributor and works hard. She also lives in a state formerly governed by Ahnuld, so take it easy on her, will ya!?!?!

Name: cindy
Cindy, the talented Art-teacher/donut enthusiast. Cindy has always been the "mother figure" to me on the site, and I always looked up to her. Cindy is talented in so many ways. Contrary to popular belief, she is NOT Cindy Brady, however.

Name: CokeBeard
Cindy's coffee-drinking partner in crime, Casey is a cool dude and is also really funny. He also enjoys being an asshole, according to his profile. The hours are good and there is no heavy lifting! I need to get myself an application.

Name: dorkusmcforkus
OMARRRRRRRRRRRRRr. Omar was raised by a television and the bird from the Peanuts comics. Dorkus was by-far amongst one of the funniest members on the site (which is quite the feat, because I think I've called about half of the 50 funny in their little paragraph, but I guess I am just bad at writing descriptors). He was last spotted in a get-away van with holophonor. Together, they are on a crime-spree across the nation.

Name: fierras
Fierras is a graphic designer and is responsible for the logos and the layout of the site. Without him, TVRage would be ugly, like TV.Com.

Name: Gadfly
Gadfly is a crazy hard worker. Have you seen the amount of recaps he has written? Yikes! I've tried writing recaps and I just can't do it. I think I've posted only like.. two? Yeah, I am not as committed as he is, so it's people like him that keep the site afloat.

Name: gakhandal
gak is responsible for the monthly recap blogs, which sadly have become list frequented as the community has died, but he keeps going regardless, showing his commitment.

Name: General_Sherman
Liam, who I used to call Lye-UM in my head, until I figured out the pronunciation a few years ago (don't laugh at me!!!!), was part of the coffee crew, which consisted of him, King0, Cindy, Mogg, Ryan, etc. He was a great lad and probably enjoyed tea and crumpets. Heh.

Name: guytwo
guy is presently on of the most active members, posting quite frequently in the forums, always attending the post parties, even if the turn-out is low.

Name: holophonor
This lady is a piece of work.

Name: Idiot
Kattie. Or KCC as Ryan & co. would call her. Kattie has been gone quite a while, but she was hilarious. More girls should be like her.

Name: JohnQ.Public
Before he went insane and went on a rampage, John cared about the site. But.. he went insane and went on a rampage. He hated me and had he stayed, I probably would have ended up banned for good. Thankfully, I won the war.

Name: KingJohn23
Randy is the king of debates. I would say master, but... well, anyways.. Randy is a conservative, so clearly, I am not going to see eye to eye with him, but I definitely respect him, since he is intelligent and can debate all day, until his opponent cries. He obviously is a fan of the Gipper.

Name: KingOrin
He will forever be known for his poetry corner, but King O is much more than that. He is a great friend, a genuine guy, and someone people should emulate.

Name: MacDeacon
Mac was such a great staff member. He was approachable, nice, and did whatever he could to improve the site. I owe a lot to him, and he definitely deserves a place on the list.

Name: Me (RIP)
Chris, for those who don't know, passed away. Before that, he was the top contributor on the site, a top friend to many members, and was a great guy. He will forever be missed, and the community would not be the same without him, nor would the site itself.

Name: MirrorKirby9062
Joey was (I feel like I say this too much, but I guess this is why people make the list) hilarious. MK was from New Jersey and had a great sense of humor. He, WC, and SC were quite the trio, and he was probably the brains of the operation. Hah. But I recall him being a biology nerd, so I hope he is out there, solving cancer or something crazy good like that.

Name: MoggIntellect
Michael was a Canadian turned teacher in China, so he always had interesting perspectives on everything. He even became a staff member, but he retired and left the site, which I was sad to see, but happy for him all the same.

Name: morninglight
Chris was a nice guy, always entertaining to read his posts, and hear from him. He hasn't posted in recent months, but I hope he returns, because he was always a good soul.

Name: Murdock
I personally thought Murdock was a bit of a jerk, as far as staffing went, but there is no denying his impact on the site. He did have a sense of humor, which I unfortunately was not on the same page with, but he was a great guy. Not my cup of tea, but others enjoyed his tea.

Name: Mystical
Mystical is a global editor and has been such an asset to the web site. He works hard and the site has benefited greatly from him. Not to mention he is a nice guy.

Name: Mzee
Back in the day, #1 in the contributions list was Mzee. Mzee was a hard worker, yet was a nice guy. He got married though and left the site, but his legacy lives on.

Name: netha1991
Nobody knows netha, since they only post in the Fix Something thread. They contribute like crazy though and I don't know how they haven't taken the number 1 spot yet. NETHA, we salute you.

Name: nishikaze
nishi doesn't come around much anymore, but she was such a smart women. She was like tshee, except the opposite of her - sane, likeable, but opinionated, but at least she was rational about it. She also worked as a phone sex operator, allegedly.

Name: Nyall
Nyall was a spitball of personality, and with that came controversy. One of his first things on the site was several forum topics that spewed anger and sparked violence. But Nyall was well-liked otherwise, and it's hard to imagine the site without his forum invovlvement.

Name: PhilisnSte
Phil brought the member of the month to the site and thus caused prestige and controversy. But he was the opposite of controversy and was just a chill guy.

Name: Piggie8
Piggie is the nicest girl ever. She also happened to be quite an active forum poster, and was one of my closest friends on the site at the time.

Name: PureMaria
Maria is a drunk and is married to WC. Their romance has been followed just as closely as Brangelina, so clearly they both made the list.
Ryan is probably the most active person on the site to join after the year 2007. He has now joined me and Kelly as forum mods, and we begrudgingly accepted him. He aiight though.

Name: rsetter3
Robbbbbbbbbbbb. Rob has been here since the beginning and has been a great member of the community.

Name: Ryan
Ryan is also from MN, like me and Ashley, giving him an auto-spot on the list. Other than that, I don't think he's done that much on this site...besides contribute a lot, post a lot more than anyone else, and being awesome....

Name: Sebrioth
The site creator. Yeah, he does things like make sites like TVRage, so I can post blogs like this. No big deal.

Name: spuffyandtate4ever
Kelso. She ships Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hence the name. She has no relation to the character from That '70s Show, it's just a coincidence!

Name: SultanPepperShaker
Nate is probably one of my favorite members, on a bias personal level. He is hilarious and always makes me laugh, so I am just gonna assume everyone else thinks the same, and he makes them laugh too. He also does other stuff, like post funny blogs. I think he might be a hipster in real life, but I can accept that.

Name: Super_Cool
SC was a comical man, known for his nefarious ways and evil pranks, known to all as "the George Weasley (pre-earloss) of TVRage". Except not, but that's a pretty accurate description.

Name: tshee
tshee is everyone's favorite troll, besides that one guy from Alaska that was.. interesting? tshee was crazy, posted pictures of mutilated animals for the member's viewing pleasure. Always so thoughtful, tshee!

Name: thefatskinnyguy2
Javi was quite a guy. He was always trying to help the community in various ways and was quite the frequent poster.

Name: tikidawg
Jen was a staff member here from like..2005 to last year, after she decided to part ways with the site for personal reasons. She was a great member, always funny and nice - and she always had the best avatars.

Name: WiseCrack
The very first forum moderator, now he got promoted to admin or whatever, John is one of the most valued members of the community, known for making wise cracks and being down-to-earth, and was also the first member to win Member of the Month, an award which I'm sure he places highly above any other accomplishment ever in his life. Ever.

Honorable Mentions: YOU (if you are reading this and wasn't mentioned), anyone whose ever contributed (especially you top 50 people, who aren't that well known, community-wise), people who post in the forums, people who edit, staff who are unmentioned - past to present, past member of the month's who weren't listed, friends who I've snubbed, and anyone else who deserves to be called a "Top Rager".

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Posted on Thursday, December 29th 2011 1:32 am 
At first 50 seemed like a ton.. but after reading the list and being able to picture the posts from each person listed above, I realized we have had so many great posters through the years.

Nice list, Andrew.

Posts: 5095
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Since: 25/Nov/05
Posted on Saturday, December 31st 2011 2:36 pm 
Golden age of TVRage.
Great list, Andrew.

Posts: 8541
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Since: 06/Dec/05
Posted on Thursday, January 5th 2012 10:00 pm 
Ooo, I made your list - neato! It was nice to read your take on the different members Andrew.

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Since: 07/Dec/05
Posted on Sunday, January 8th 2012 10:25 pm 
It is great reading!
Posts: 341
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Since: 26/Oct/05
Posted on Tuesday, January 24th 2012 4:33 pm 
Glad to be on the list.
I Recognised almost all the names on the list.

Posts: 4287
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Since: 20/Dec/05
Posted on Saturday, January 28th 2012 10:01 pm 
Wow, hard to believe how much this site has changed since 2006. Great list andrew. Keep up the good work.


Posts: 8154
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Since: 25/Nov/05
Posted on Saturday, January 28th 2012 10:57 pm 
Great list andrew. Like Ryan I didn't realize how many awesome posters we had throughout the years. I miss the old days of hanging around with SC and MK.

I get the aversion to Murdock, but once you got to know him and see where he's coming from he was hilarious and an all around great guys. Definitely one of the more misunderstood Ragers.

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Posted on Sunday, January 29th 2012 12:32 am 
I'm glad I was remembered. I miss old TVRage.

Posts: 19450
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Posted on Saturday, February 4th 2012 8:30 am 
I reject the "hipster" label!

I was into being into underground stuff before it was cool.

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Posted on Monday, February 20th 2012 10:25 pm 
I get no mention, true sad face. I had quite a few arguments in debates that typically involved KingJohn23

Posts: 7129
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Since: 05/Dec/05
Posted on Tuesday, February 21st 2012 5:32 am 
I seldom read blogs but this one was fun for everyone to see, except for poor Rebelman. Maybe he could be number 50A.

I miss all the old activity we used to have, things change I guess.

Posts: 3361
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Posted on Monday, March 5th 2012 3:34 pm 
Thanks for bringing this to my attention Rebelman. Started my tvtome account on August 10, 2004. Seven and a half years ago.

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Since: 13/Jan/06
Posted on Friday, March 9th 2012 3:35 am 
I don't know where you're getting your info... I actually AM Cindy Brady.

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Posted on Sunday, July 8th 2012 11:08 am 
Sorry for any omissions, don't take it as a diss or anything to yourself, just the first 50 who sprang to mind.

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Since: 30/Nov/05
Posted on Monday, February 11th 2013 3:24 am 
Thanks for inclusion in the list! Love rage forever, but have trouble posting and not getting replies in 5 minutes like the old days. Rage on, Andrew!

Posts: 2232
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Since: 23/Jun/06
Posted on Tuesday, January 7th 2014 8:26 am 
I feel honored to make the list.

I miss the old days too!


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