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  Sunday, July 25th 2010 1:07 pm  
» Comfortably Numb
Mood: jedi
That was pretty shocking news about Chris, I haven't visited this site since the Iron age, but now that I look back I see he always had something relevant to say about my previous blog posts, which was awesome. Ok not the best compliment anyones ever given someone but i'm really bad at giving/taking compliments.

Anyhow, Why does the spoiler button have the radioactive symbol? I guess the lack of any better symbol would be a good answer, but is there any relevance i'm not seeing behind that?

As for moi well what can I say about moi since my last visit, or after looking at my previous blog, ignoring that and going back to the visit before that.

Well i'm just a semester away from Graduation from my bachelor of Computer Science Degree, Ive achieved a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster) Associate Certification and wasted plenty of time doing nothing.

Anyway, Interesting Story about my Brother:

Essentially Australias illegal immigration policy is illegal immigrants get put into an immigration detention centre while their refugee status is checked. My brother used to work as a detention services officer, which was a security guard at one of these centres.

This task is contracted out by the government to a 3rd party to do the security. Recently a new company took over the security for the immigration detention centres. Because a new company took the job and all the staff were retained, all the staff were put on a 6 month probation period with the new company, essentially they treated the staff as if they had just employed them.

There was a night where several detainees escaped, and all the security guards on that night were fired as a scapegoat for the company (including my brother), which they were able to do cause they were a new company so all the staff were on a probation period even though they had worked there for years. Really bad timing as well since he had just purchased a new unit then immediately was laid off, but still needs to make the repayments. But it gets much worse than that.

Apparently the new company has been hiring illegal immigrants to work as detention services officers... Yes, illegal immigrants to work as people who guard illegal immigrants!!! In fact the company screwed up with the first batch they tried to bring over and hire cause they were instead put straight into immigration detention they were supposed to become guards for.

Then the government came up with a special type of visa, which allowed this new company to legally recruit foreigners to work as detainment officers, however they needed to give a certain amount of Visas each month. Since all the current officers are on probation period, they are looking for any excuses to fire them, and hiring immigrants to do the job for much less pay.

Ahhh Politics, you win again.

Anyway, heres a battle scene. I guess one side is America, the other side is pretty obviously France.



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