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Back (for a few days) -- posted on October 17, 2007
Hello again, for those who remember me, for those who don't, I'm Matthew, former contributor to TVRage. I stopped contributing and vanished around this time last year. And now for a few days I have returned! YAY, I hear you cry. I still find contributing fun, so it's been good to do a bit more, and maybe in 6 months or so, I'll come back for good. For now, you get me yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow, depending. Basically, I'm ill. I'm in Iran, and I think I drank or ate something bad, because I have a terrible stomach ache, and there has been mucho diarrhea and vomiting, so I've confined myself to bed, and I thought I would pop back here, see how the site and everyone is doing. Anyway, hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow, if not, I'll still be here, contributing away, slowly, due to the connection speed, which isn't good, but it's better than nothing, and practically free. If I am, then I'll probably be back when I get to India, where I'll almost certainly get some sort of stomach bug. Bye for now. Oh, and remember:

Well, it amused me anyway. Comment >>

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