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  Thursday, August 31st 2006 11:12 pm  
» Stupid country
Boris Johnson's blog post on going to America

I subscribe to Boris Johnson's blog, only because he's such a pillock, and cocks up everything he tries to do. But he does occasionally make some good, valid points. Like at the end of the above (rather amusing)post about how bureaucracy is going mad. It's totally ridiculous how we just give away our citizens to America, but get none of the people we consider to be terrorists in return. I was going to have a big rant about how crap Britain is; crime is out of control, prisons are overcrowded, because of the Human Rights Act criminals seem to have as many, if not more, rights than the victims, the NHS is in massive debts, w're hated by half the world, the education system is rubbish (more money is spent on it every year, and yet there are more stupid people every year), the EU is sucking out our money and forcing stupid laws on us, the government is incredibly corrupt and sleazy (even more so than John Major's), the House of Commons is filled with the Scottish being allowed to vote on anything they want, the House of Lords is filled with corrupt Labour supporters, everything's too expensive, bureaucracy is out of control, political correctness has gone mad. I'm sure I could go on, but I'm doing other things at the moment, so I've lost my train of thought.
I saw on the news today that hooliganism is so out of control that Blair wants to cull children at birth if they're born to poor parents, and therefore likely to be hooligans. Or something like that. Now I support doing something about the hooliganism, but this is just going to be another ridiculous Labour scheme; they'll probably invest about £1billion in it, try it for a few years, realise that it actually ends up isolating and angering people even more, and therefore turns more people to anti social behaviour and hooliganism, before giving up and blaming the Lib Dems or something.

The only good news I saw today was the new organ donation rules coming into force tommorrow. Where if someone has specified that they want to be an organ donor, their families will no longer be able to overrule that decision after their deaths. Which is something I totally support, it's totally ridiculous that the families can currently overrule the person's decision. I don't really see why people care what happens to their body after their death, even if you believe in the afterlife, I was under the impression that your body was just the shell for the soul or something like that. The new rules don't go far enough for me, it should be opt out at least, and at best, compulsory.

Sorry for ranting on so long, I doubt anyone will read all this, but I'm just feeling even more depressed than usual at the moment. And there never seems to be any good news nowadays.
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Posted on Thursday, August 31st 2006 11:50 pm 
Wait (and you we are good friends), you got on this some what anti-American rant after a couple of (very low paid) Houston security guards got over zealous? Whoa! I also don’t understand the view that the U.S. refuses to return British criminals! I think the reason we don’t hear about our returns is we send them back as fast as the plane can possibly take off, but Britain worries about minor things like allowing the death penalty for mass murders.

Hope we’re cool, I’m just ranting here too.

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Posted on Friday, September 1st 2006 12:04 am 
I know how you feel, it's not going so great here as well - and no, I don't blame Bush. This has been evolving over the last decade or so, and it's slowly getting worse.

It just makes you want to hole up in your own little world and ignore everything else ... if that's even possible.

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Posted on Friday, September 1st 2006 12:11 am 
Steve: Most of the rant was about how rubbish Britain is really, the first part just led me to think about it. (The title refers to Britain) Most of what I was talking about with the extradition things was there was this whole big thing about the Natwest 3 or something like that last month, in which 3 British citizens were extradited to America, where they face several years in prison, based on little evidence, and the CPS didn't even want to prosecute them here, but as soon as America asked, we sent them across. Whereas we've barely got anyone from the extradition treaty that we have between the two countries. The main thing is the IRA. Here, we view them as terrorists, whereas in America they're apparently not, so they're not extradited. But anyway, yeah, most of it was about how crap the UK is.

Miana: Yep, that's what I want to do. But it's just not possible unfortunately. I'm faced with debts of probably about £18,000 ($34,000) when I leave university, mostly due to the current Labour government. And yet because of the fact that we're part of the EU. Students from the rest of the EU can study here, get student loans from the government, finish university, go home, and then they never have to pay back the loans, because we have no power to force them to pay in their countries. But because of the EU we're forced to give them equal status in the education system. It's a great big mess. Ridiculously, Britain pays over £4billion every year into the EU, which if we weren't in it, we would be able to spend on improving the country. Rather than paying corrupt politicians in Brussels, and French farmers.
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Posted on Friday, September 1st 2006 12:16 am 
I know what you mean. Britain is no longer 'Great Britain'. Crime is what I'm woried about. The solution - build more risons. Rather than waste money. Gawd, the government annoy me.

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Posted on Friday, September 1st 2006 12:31 am 
Concerning University - it's like that here as well. I don't know if it's easier or harder for foreigners to get funding here than it is in GB, but I do know that they seem to have it easy when it comes to not having to pay it back. We also have all these stupid rules about "out of state" students. One of the schools I've been considering is only 40 miles away from me over the state line in TN - but since I live in GA, I will have to pay thousands of dollars more than someone who resides in TN.

Crime?? I've been considering coming back over there to get away from the problems we have here. lol Meth is destroying rural areas in the South and pretty much every where else. =(

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Posted on Friday, September 1st 2006 1:19 am 
Yeah, sorry, I read the MP’s blog you linked, and I guess I took too much from that. Plus, I really hate too that America tolerates members of the IRA here. I see them as just like the terrorists that America hates, and want to prosecute. It seems we (America) now knows how it’s has been like in the U.K. on this. It sucks; and I’m glad we are now (I hope) working together, somewhat, better on this.

Sorry I missed what you were trying to say here, as it was a good point.

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Posted on Saturday, September 2nd 2006 6:50 am 
Talk about it. *rolling eyes*


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