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Krazy Krystal, Lost, Time-Change...weird -- posted on March 14, 2007
Krystal is my son's grey tabby cat who is almost 2yrs. Out of our three cats, she's probably the most curious and mischievous. This morning, when I was getting ready to bring my daughter to school, I noticed a little something extra in the water bottle box I was preparing to throw in the trash.

Here are more examples of her goofiness:

Her "uh, excuse me but we're out of water" hint

Her attempt to go to school with my son?!

and finally, her attempt at impersonating a Build a Bear;)

Her antics makes us laugh on a daily basis and believe me she's only one of the comedians in my house^^ Also, looking forward to Lost tonight...from the previews it looks to be another great episode:D Comment >>

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