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Home from Canada -- posted on July 28, 2008
Well, just got home from Quebec and Montreal (with a couple days in Burlington, Vermont as well.)

I learned a few things on this trip:
A. My French (2 years of high school French) sucks as bad as I remember
B. United airlines sucks even worse than my French
C. The Northeast is one giant sauna & I hate humidity
D. Rap sounds really, really funny in French

Okay, all complaining aside, it was beautiful, historic, good shopping and all that. Montreal had nightlife and museums, Quebec had quaint little historic streets inside the old citadel wall (plus the city was celebrating its 400 year anniversary with free concerts and events) and Vermont has Ben & Jerry's. I have never eaten so much ice cream in my life. In Quebec I stumbled upon one of the free concerts in the park around 9 pm... guys doing old-school Run DMC-style rapping in French. Fascinating.

My flight out through Chicago was canceled, and they finally re-routed me through Minneapolis instead. (I'm sure I saw Ryan and andrew & Ash as I flew over Minnesota. Really!)

Anyway, got home late, but got home in once piece at least. Comment >>

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