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danharr's blogs from July, 2012

  Friday, July 20th 2012 6:06 pm  
Topic: Viacom and Direct tv kiss and make up
Mood: fabulous
Message: Just discovered today mtv 2 is back in my channel line up. So Viacom and Direct came to an agreement. For me that means Bellator fighting championship and mma uncensored on spike tv. This should benefit you cable guys also. I heard the cable companies were in the same boat and backed Direct so good times tv lovers.

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  Tuesday, July 10th 2012 12:23 am  
Topic: Since I can't blog at that other place......
Mood: pissed off
Message: After a sucky day at work I come home to find out. That the great TV.com is disabling blogs in about 2 weeks. Now that assholes will allow us to download our blogs to a file and I will post them here and start new ones here on a monthly basis. Of all the things they could've done wtf. In other news Bizarre Foods celebrates 100 and Bizarre Foods America is back for a new season and The Closer. At least there is something good about todays events.

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