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What Was Going To Happen -- posted on August 2, 2006
In a recent TV Guide article about the series if it had not been canceled;
Molly was going to get excluded from the very project she'd created, thanks to an overzealous politican.
But she still be secretly working with the Threshold team members.She'd have hooked up with a vigilante, who'd become sort of a love interest for her.Together, they'd uncover a conspiracy to blow up Threshold's headquarters, so she would have to save her team from the outside.
One of herteam members, Dr Nigel Fenway, was going to develop a relationship with a new member of the group, who would have been played by Catherine Bell (Jag). And in a episode we scripted but didn't shoot, Molly ended up in a coma and we find out that in her plan,Fenway is her successor.
The story was, this guy who liked to work alone now had to be a leader.
At the same time, the most relucant member of the team, Arthur Ramsey, was going to spiral out of control after he sleeps with an alien stripper.
After that, another probe would be shot down and then send out a signal calling in 80 more alien probes. That would have lead to season 2, and when these probes arrived, all hell was going to break loose. Comment >>

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