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Helloooo Aramis August 16, 2011
Promotion REK-CAF September 30, 2010
Tony's Legacy Ryan April 5, 2009
Greatest American Dog Siesser September 10, 2008
Cigarette + Nose = An Unhappy FuFu HilljaFuFu June 19, 2007


Timezone: Sep 1st, 2015, 6:41 pm
Level: 1 (49%)
Forum Posts: 137
Contribution Points: 5.6
Approved Submissions: 11
Real Name: Drew
Location: Philly, US
Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, TV, XBOX 360
Favorite Song: Mad World
Favorite Movies: Clerks, Donnie Darko, Requiem For A Dream
Favorite Movie Directors: Sam Raimi, Kevin Smith
Favorite Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Brian Lumley
Favorite Sport: Hockey(actually being at the games)
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed. ~Arthur Schopenhauer
Aim Contact: Drew2723
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