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Spiders -- posted on November 20, 2006
I'm becoming claustrophobic within my own home because of my stifling phobia of spiders. I've had this phobia for as long I can remember and my parents are aware. When I first moved into my new house at age nine there wasn't a trace of them. My mom explained that since we're higher up, there's no spiders. I actually felt comfortable that my life would be spider free. But I realized one thing: They're everywhere.

There's a lot of spiders now and it's really crippling my life. Whenever I see a spider my heart pounds. I can't think, I become anxious, and I can't handle the fear. I almost passed out once because I saw a nest of baby spiders. My parents just make this shit worse, especially my dad. My sister teases me about it all the time. My dad tried to make me touch it. He also says there's no such thing as a phobia. Yet he was the one sent running when he spotted a mouse. I'm not scared of mice at all, so maybe I should scare him one day. My mom always kills a spider when I ask her to, but even she doesn't understand how bad phobias really are.

I was convinced to write this blog because merely ten minutes ago, I saw one. I sprayed it with Raid but it fell from the wall onto my computer desk. There's a myriad of paper scattered all over my desk so now it could be anywhere there. By the way, I'm talking about the small ones that are no bigger than a penny. If I saw a tarantula or a spider like that then I'm confident in saying that I would faint.

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