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Look at all this useless talk You look at me but you don't see Understand I'm a sinner Don't corner me Don't lecture me Raise your hands you're a sinner
Spider-Man isn't about sexually repressed teenagers secretly firing a thick, gooey substance behind their auntie's back,

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father of mines. -- posted on June 28, 2007
Hey father why you had to leave us. Why did you have to quit on you're life?
You have lived for along time and you have won every battle.
But when we needed you to win you gave up. You are out of our life.
You are out of out future. Leaving us with no one to turn to. When we needed you the most
You were what always allowed us to be a family. We always believed that you were in the way.
But now that you are gone. We have no one lift to blame.
We took advantage of you when we had you. Now that we lost you we wish you were back.
We miss you're voice we miss the way you bother us. We miss the way you make us feel.
Even though we could have hated you at times. We knew that we will always love you.
Now you're body is in a room rotten away. With no sign of life. We are ready to place you in an oven.
Where we will reduce your body to ash. And we will never see you again.
We are looking for a sign that you are ok. But still nothing. We are looking for the day that we can see you again.
Even though it only seems like you just gone for the week...We know you will not be returning from the earth.
We wish you were here today. To see our accomplishment.
My mom is acting like she always has to trying to be strong for the family. Like always.
We need you back. I will to do anything to see you again. But doesn’t worry you’re lost wont be in vain.
We will make you’re lost feel all over the world. We will make every know the man you are.
You are more of a man that I will ever dream of. But we will make your lost know.
That’s all I have to say today. No one knows how bad I feel. I wish you were here this day.
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