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The World Of Doctor Who -- posted on February 7, 2006
I've been a fan of this incredible BBC production for as long as I can remember, and I love the new series which aired last year (whoa, soooo long ago now!) straight away. I think Christopher Eccleston was a fantastic character actor for the role, and I look forward to April 15th 2006 to see his replacement, David Tennant, in action. He'll be great.
I'm one of those Doctor Who fanboys who laps up every bit of merchandise, and so I thought I would use my blog here today to honour those folks who put so much effort into the Doctor Who universe that we don't see on screen, like the novelists (Lawrence Miles, Justin Richards, et al). They were the ones who kept me clinging to Doctor Who during the 'wilderness years' when the show was as good as dead. It's their Doctor Who that I grew up on, as much as VHS copies of the classic series, and its down to them that I - and the new series - have as much imagination as is humanly possible. Month after month they produced some of the best (and sometimes worse) hours of Doctor Who, and they deserve more recognision for their achievements. Thanks guys and dolls.

NEXT WEEK: Anthony will be thanking the-guy-who-painted-the-graffti-onto-the-garage-doors-in-Rose. He recognises that the series would have failed without that particular guys effort.. Comment >>

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