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jcar03's blogs from March, 2007

  Thursday, March 8th 2007 4:49 am  
Topic: So....
Message: I thought I would come back to this site to see if anything had changed and if I would want to start coming back. First thing I did was look at some of the soaps that cast lists never seem to be in any type of order and I fixed two then went to my blog. When I left in September I left a goodbye blog to anyone that I happened to have made friends with during my time here not intended for some random person to see on the latest blog list and make nasty comments on it and one of those came from a moderator on this site. I deleted the whole blog. The reason I decided to leave here was because I didn't like the environment and that hasn't changed. The moderators at tv.com don't leave nasty unprofessional comments like that to anyone that I know of. And I hate hearing about how slow it is. Yeah, they have some problems but at least it is environment were I don't feel harrassed. I never left for the "flash" like was implied and I never thought it was better until this very moment. Someone else wrote Quality not Quanity in terms of tvrage versus tv.com well tv.com has both and this site has very little Quality.

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