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CSI, Supernatural, Blake Lewis, and an update... finally! -- posted on October 5, 2007
Hola peeps! This has been such a busy summer! Lots of travel, concerts, sickness (nothing serious) and fun. We just got back from an almost-two-week trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We're successfully through the first month of homeschool and co-op. I have a cold, but things are finally back on track.

So CSI... the premeire was excellent! Was anyone else beyond happy that it was Nicky who found Sara? Even though I don't ship that way (except for fanfic, where I ship just about everyone :D ) George/Jorja have *excellent* chemistry and it was perfectly showcased in the premeire. I was even happier about Nick finding Sara than I was about the GSR at the end, which was a little cliche. But yeah... Sara is alive and should be hawking waterproof mascara. And jeans. Dang that girl has some long legs! Not gonna mention ep 2, since I hope that some of my international spoiler-free friends will be reading this.

Yes. I'm random. I'll blame it on the cold medicine 8)

Supernatural... I love this show. This season promises to be the Season of Shirtless!Dean. It could be the Season of Watching Paint Dry with Shirtless!Dean and I'd still watch. The show is good, tho, so Shirtless!Dean is cake.

Hehe... I said Cake:D Yummy yummy Cake. One of my Cake photos from the Atlanta AI concert:

Ohh those boys!

Blake's debut album is scheduled for release on 11/27. He has been working with some of the best producers in the business and was given almost complete artistic control... something almost completely unheard of for a new artist. I guess that his record company knew a good thing when they saw it.

Also, Jordin's album is scheduled for release on 11/20 (I think) and you can already hear the first single on her myspace if you haven't heard it on the radio already. Miss Sparks has so much talent *and* she's a good kid. Support her all you can! Comment >>

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