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Hi, my name is Bethany Smith, but you can call me Beth. I live in Nebraska, and a Sophmore in High School. I love all animals. I have brownish black hair, dark brown eyes, 5'7", cruvy, tall, and I have big feet, (size 10-11)! I'm loud and bubbly, a drama queen too. But I can deep at times too. I'm caring and loving, but I'm very forgetful. I'm Spanish, Chinese, Philippine, Irish, Italian, German, and Hawaiian.

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Script -- posted on April 24, 2007
(Couper is an ice-cream man, that sells ice-cream only, not drugs!)

[Setting takes place in a drak alley. Couper is standinf behind the ice-cream stand. Beth ans Dylan walk in.]

Couper: Hey, you teo look depressed.

Beth: Whatever.

Dylan: Sure!

Couper: Well: if you are, I have something that could make your day even better.

[Dylan and Beth perk-up]

Dyaln: The I'll take two bags please!

Couper: Two bags of what?

Dylan: You know!

Couper: Well we have Rocky Road, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Neopolitan, Banana Nutt, Double Fudge Brownie, Cherry Nut, and Slushies.

Beth: What kind of brownies are in the Double Fudge Brownie?

Couper: Fudge brownies!

Dylan: I'll take Hawaiin Ice and Shrooms.

Couper: Excause me?

Dylan: Oh sorry, I mean, I'll take "Slushies" and "Strawberry" ice-cream!

Couper: I don't think I know what your talking about.

Beth: I'm really craving "Banana Nut" ice-cream.

Couper: How many scoops do you want?

Beth: It all depends on how much I will get away with.

Couper; Why, you dieting?

Beth: By dieting, you mean, probation, then yes!

Couper: Probation? Probation for what?

Beth: For having too much, um, ice-cream!

Dylan: Are you understanding what we are trying to say?

Couper: You want icer-cream?

Dylan: A very expensive type of ice-cream!

Beth: Do you understand what we are trying to do?

Couper: Look! If you don't want ice-cream, then there's a frozen yogert stand a couple blocks down from here.

Beth: What kind of frozen yogert?

Couper: Yogert that is frozen!

Dylan: NO! we ment, what flavors do they have?

Couper: The same over here, but with half the fat. But the flavor isn't as great.

Beth: What do you mean by half the fat?

Couper: *sigh* The frozen yogert has half the fat then the ice-cream. But the flavor isn't the best. (mad) WHat is wrong with you two!!

Dylan: We don't have enough "ice-cream" or "frozen yogert" in our systems!

Couper: Why did you put air-quotes around ice-cream and frozen yogert?

Dyaln: Do you have the type of ice-cream that we want?!

Couper: Well I already told you all the flavors we have!

Dylan: Yes, you did! But do you know what kind of "ice-cream" we want?!

Couper: I don't think I do!

Beth: Then why did you call us over here in the first place?!

Couper: I didn't, you came over here!

Beth: Listen man! I might be high on, ummm, "ice-cream," but I know what I saw!

Couper: Saw?! Saw what?

Beth: Saw you telling us to come over!

Dylan: Where's the "ice-cream" I asked for?!

Couper: You people either need to get ice-cream, or get out of my face!

Dylan: FINE! We'll get our "ice-cream" at the frozen yogert stand!


Dylan: Well give us what we want!

Beth: Or we'll have to call people!

Couper: For what?!


Couper: Well what kind do you want?!?!

Dylan What kind you have?


Dylan: No you di'idn't!

Beth: I want my damn ice-cream!!

Couper: Well what kind do you idiots want?!?!

Beth: It all depends on what you have! LOSER!


Couper: What! Are you British now!

Dylan: I can be whatever you want me to be!

Couper: Excuse me?

Beth: Give me me "ICE-CREAM!"

Couper: Enough with the air-quokes!

Dylan: Then give me my ice-cream!

Couper: LOOK! I'm selling ice-cream! JUST, ice-cream!

Beth: You mean, you're not selling any drugs?

Couper: Get out before I call the cops!

Dylan: Fine!

Beth: Yes! Fine indeed!

Dylan: Maybe the frozen yogurt person sells "ice-cream!"

Couper: Good Lord! Comment >>

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