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snow fun! -- posted on March 6, 2006
Today I took Owen out in the snow and we had so much fun, ok so we were out there for only like 15 mins but it was still exciting for him! He was so happy to see our cats (we have 8) and they are all nice to him. I actually had him on a "leesh" because I was worried about him slipping on the ice and he is still a new walker in case a car came or something he wouldn't know what to do so I used it for the first time and I have to say that I loved it and he didn't seem to mind at all. In fact I think I'm gonna use it tomorrow when we go to his Dr. apt and to the mall afterwards, we'll see how it goes and I bet I will get some smartass telling me how barbaric it is to have my kid on a leesh. Does anyone think it's barbaric?
[color=red][mark=black]Tonight I watched the second half of The Academy Awards and it was ok. As usual most of the jokes went over my head, either because they didn't make any sence or I just didn't care! I just watched it to see who won what and who showed up with who (L)

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