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maggiesimpson's blogs from February, 2006

  Tuesday, February 28th 2006 8:33 am  
Topic: its been awhile
Message: I have been gone from tvrage for a while now coz I have been so busy. It's hard to believe one can be busy without having a job but it's true :D

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  Tuesday, February 14th 2006 8:08 pm  
Topic: Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.
Message: (L) (*) (*) Wow, what a day! I spent it mostly only with Owen because his father slept the whole day since he had to work tonight, but we had fun! For a treat I let him have some Chocolate Milk, and he went nuts over it lol

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  Monday, February 13th 2006 8:59 am  
Topic: day six
Message: Day 6 and I am officially going nuts! I am going out today and getting lollipops, I need something, anything. Today I'm taking Owen to do Doctor's, he got my cold that I have had for 3 weeks now!

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  Saturday, February 11th 2006 10:52 pm  
Topic: 4 days and counting.....
Message: I quit smoking.
I was one of those Idiots who thought "Hey, I can stop anytime I want to." However that was NOT true. It's not easy since I live with a smoker but I have to admit that already when I smell smoke it turns my stomach but that does not stop me from wanting one. Strange.

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  Tuesday, February 7th 2006 7:55 pm  
Topic: sick of being sick
Message: It seems like there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. Owen came home on Sat. and since I have been very busy just cleaning and so on, it never ends does it? It's been great to have Owen home again but he caught our cold :(
I haven't seemed to be interested in anything on tv lately, just reruns of some of my old favorites.

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  Friday, February 3rd 2006 9:50 am  
Topic: sick and miserable.
Message: (*) (*) I have been sick the entire week that Owen has been away...what a cruel fate! I have not been contributing much lately because I just can't sit at the computer long right now since I am so lightheaded. Today I took some dayquil and it actually put me to sleep, eck. I get my little boy back on Sunday and I hope I am feeling better by then because I wanna shower him with so many kisses!^o^ I can't believe how much I miss that little boy.

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