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  Sunday, June 14th 2009 6:01 pm  
» LAKERS!!!!
LAKERS up to 3-1 on Magic. The Lakers have shown they are the better team since game one. Most of the critics who jumped on the Denver Nuggets bandwagon jumped on Los Angeles Lakers bandwagon.

In last game Derek Fisher hit a big three to force overtime thanks. The LAKERS battled to win the game.

Derek has underperformed in the playoffs to be sure, but he came through. You don't know see too many thirty four year old guys dive for balls and play defense Fisher does. Right now he is the toast of the town getting the money shots in newspapers and sports outlets and deservingly so.

The Lakers showed their dominance in Gm 1 vs. Magic. Kobe was angry and went on to score forty in a Finals record.

It's like Mark Jackson said "it's like a grown man playing with kids". LMAO

Where the hell was Dwight Howard you may ask? Nowhere to be found. LMAO. All this garbage that Howard would manhandle Gasol, Bynum, Odom and anybody else has been just garbage. He's average a measly sixteen points per game and in game one he had apathetic twelve points. The LAKERS blasted the MAGIC by twenty-five points. Howard hasn't been Superman not by any means of the imagination. If there is any Superman anywhere it's on the LAKERS team. You know who it is right?

The other games have been close but the LAKERS have been there and won them with the exception of game three. Game 2 was especially hilarious because the Magic missed a golden opportunity to tie the series.


All Stan Van Gundy could do following this is just smile.

Interesting fun facts about the Finals:

The Magic are losers in the Finals. Remember some guy named Shaq? He was swept by clearlybetter Rockets team.

In fact this Magic team is so much like that 1995 team. They both lived and died by the three, and they had an upcoming center.

They also had games where one guy was the goat. In 1995, Nick Anderson later nicknamed "Nick The Brick" missed a couple of free throws that would have won the game. Fast forward fourteen yearslater and Dwight Howard misses a couple of big free throws. It's like Deja Vu.

One other other fun fact: Both Van Gundy brothers are losers in the finals. Jeff with the New York Bricks, I mean Knicks in 99 and now Stan. Karma is a biiiatch. LMAO

Not even a washed up, joke of a steroid freak is enough for to give the Magic hope especially if the LAKERS come to play.

The irony is amazing though. Here you have the LAKERS and KOBE back in the finals (Thirtieth for the franchise), and the LAKERS are facing the Magic. Kobe is trying to silence the critics that said he couldn't win without Shaq and yet here is facing Shaq's old team with a guy like Shaq. It's very fitting.

I even remember Shaq in the crowd during the Cavs game. I tell you very fitting.

Speaking of silencing more critics, Pau Gasol has been great. He's been perhaps the most consistent LAKER player all season aside from Kobe. He's been anything but soft. Anyways, LAKERS all the way. It'll be their fifteenth title I believe. That's A LOT.

LMAO. They have more Finals appearences and more titles combined that some teams who just barely gotten to the finals. Hoping them to end series so people can celebrate. LAKER fans rejoice, LAKER haters eat crap. LAKERS!!!

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Posted on Sunday, June 14th 2009 9:21 pm 
They should have lost to my Nuggets

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Posted on Sunday, June 14th 2009 10:28 pm 
The series with Denver was very tough. Classic.

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Posted on Monday, June 15th 2009 4:00 am 
It's official now. LAKERS are world champs. How sweet it is. LAKERS!!!!

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Posted on Wednesday, June 17th 2009 4:16 pm 
LAKERS are awesome. Haters and losers can kiss my ass.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 24th 2009 4:36 pm 
From Minneapolis - you're welcome.


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