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can't complain -- posted on March 15, 2006
Whew today may not have been the best day of my life but better then the last few. My mom talked to a doctor today. She still needs to see a neurologist to confirm everything but the dr she saw seemed to think he knew what is going on with her. I won't go into all the details but of the three things they said she could have this is the one I was hopping for. Good news is that the disease is controlable by controlling diet, her blood pressure and her diabetes, the bad thing is that there really isn't any medication to help and she will have to work on controlling that and sometimes those things are all harder to control then others. But it could be worse, a lot worse.

Our friends death is still weighing on my heart. I am trying not to be worried about my mom and sometimes I just feel a depression and a sadness, I am not sure if I am grieving my friend and family member or worried about my mom, it is kind of frustrating. Harder to figure out how to deal with when all the feelings are jumbled up.

But on the better side of the spectrum good tv tonight. Nothing better then a few good shows to get lost in and leave real life for a little while.

My house is a mess. I love a clean and tidy house, so the worse it looks the worse I feel and the harder it is to get the determination to do anything about it.

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