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SAVE STUDIO 60 -- posted on October 21, 2006

My new favorite show- Studio 60 is *gulp* not looking good in the ratings!! according to E!! *GASP*
I love the show! It's smart, funny and entertaining and I will cry if they cancel it. What is wrong with NBC!

Putting it agianst CSI Miami, genius...i mean CSI Miami is almost soft core, with babes, cars, beach and gore...What's a smart show to do?...I dunno.

but i love Studio 60 show...and I just wish more people would watch it or NBC would move it to a different time slot...MONDAY at 9? Seriously, maybe even FRIDAY would be a better day...or SUNDAY...

"PLEASE DON'T CANCEL Studio 60 *weep*" she spoke pleadingly to the tv gods, "Save it from untimely demise!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT A CHANCE."

*whew, I feel slightly better now.

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