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My name is Chris...but you may call me morninglight. or Seebizkut, my nickname at work. I'm a relatively quiet and shy person at first, but i open up after a while I like to joke a lot too, at least once i get comfortable with a person, so dont hesitate to im me. I love the Golden Girls and absolutely dread most new tv shows on tv today, because they suck and are far from relatable or wowing to me. I hate (most of) comedy films starring Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, The 40 year old virgin guy, Owen Wilson, Jonah Hill, Adam Sandler, Vince Vaugn, Jack Black. Mtv is the epitome of an example of a show or idea that is fading faster than JLO's singing career. And i despise the disney channel.

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Melanie Thornton -- posted on June 14, 2009
Does anyone remember her? She was the face and voice of 90s eurodance La Bouche, you know songs like Be my lover and Sweet dreams. She had such an incredible voice, and she was so very beautiful its ridiculous.

The reason i bring her up, is because, i've recently started listening to some of La Bouche's songs and her own solo songs and it just gets to me why someone like her is gone. Its so tragic that two months following the events of September 11, just before the re-release of her ironically (somewhat hauntingly) titled debut (and only) solo album, Ready to fly, she was killed in a plane crash outside of Switzerland. I sit at night and listen to her solo songs and wonder where she would be if she was still around. If she had lived just a little bit longer would her only album have made it to the States?

I heard that she was a deeply religious woman, but i dont care. Thinking of her, i question if and hope that she is somewhere. Unfortunately, even with her voice and beauty, she will never achieve the levels of legend, that she deserves. I thought i would dedicate this blog to her. any thoughts?
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