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  Sunday, October 25th 2009 6:59 am  
» What's up with Nishi...
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So it's been awhile since I've blogged, I know, but I just re-read my last blog and figure an update is in order.

I've been busy at work and just got out of a weird funk where I was way too tired to be healthy, but I'm feeling better now. My little one is happy as ever. My man is still out of work, BUT has just decided to go back to school. Thanks to Obama, we are still getting unemployment, so we are still sticking it out financially. He nearly gave his mother a heart attack when he told her about school. I really wish I had been there to see it.

As for my relationship with my stepson. He is 16 now and finally in counseling. Things are getting better. He is still plagued with the disease of teenage stupidity, but it has become easier to deal with him. He talks to a councilor one-on-one twice a week and we have a family councilor come in once a week. The family councilor is baffled as to why he is even there. He's come right out and said we are the most stable family he speaks to. It's actually quite funny when he comes. It's like having a friend over to bullcrap for an hour.

I relate to the boy better now, and he isn't nearly as angry. He is still a frustrating pain-in-the-ass who lives, eats and craps WOW, but he isn't treating me like crap quite so much.

As for work... they can SUCK IT. Those freaking 'tards want us to spam. They are forcing us. Don't worry... I will never spam here, I spam the king of all spam sites... Facebook. That still doesn't mean I like it. The things you have to do to keep your job... Bastards.

One a better note, my man and I took our little one to see Where the Wild Things Are tonight and it was awesome! I love it so much! We were all crying at the end and my 'little old man' loved it. I'll write my review later.

But that's an update on me, and now I have to get back to work.
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Posted on Sunday, October 25th 2009 4:19 pm 
Yay! Glad things is working out for you!

Spam? Spam spam spam spam...spam spam spam egg and spam, spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam...Spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam!

Wait...that's not what you meant was it?


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