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  Friday, November 25th 2005 3:22 pm  
» Surface 1x09
good episode, altho i am slightily skepticial that they can fall all the way down that hole, then into another hole, all the way down, roll over, get knocked about a bit, then a bit mroe, then float all the way backup through the holes again - needs to be a bit more belivable

i hope miles turns into the commander of the sea creatures, one of those nim tells the othes that his is cool, and they team up

this is my blog, and i can crack ramdom crap, people probabily dont even read this, so what the hell
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Posted on Saturday, November 26th 2005 10:09 am 
I haven't seen this episode yet. It sounds great though.

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Posted on Monday, November 28th 2005 6:15 am 
wow, you actualy read that, lol, i sound stupid, i am gonna try and post my personal reactions to the shows i watch in my blog, they will be stupid and i will let my mind and fingers go wild with theorys, read them if you want a good laugh at me

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Posted on Monday, November 28th 2005 11:34 am 
I will. I always visit members blog{s} occasionally.


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