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No sh*t, Sherlock! -- posted on December 18, 2012
Recently I have developed an interest in the new CBS show Elementary. Beforehand, I was somewhat sceptical as they literally "stole" the name Sherlock Holmes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels and thus I assumed it would be an attempt to copy the adventures of the famous detective.

Now, in some way it actually is. But to be honest, other than having the same name and a similar eye for detail, I don't see much similarity. Elementary takes place here and now, the current day and not a hundred years ago. And then there's Dr. Watson, which is suddenly ... a female character?!

But all skepticism aside, I gave the show a try and it is actually pretty good. Holmes' bizarre eye for detail combined with modern day techniques such as security camera's and GPS tracking makes for new interesting stories. Honestly I still pity the fact that they've used Holmes' name, the show doesn't actually need it and frankly other than the some of the same personality properties, I don't see much similiraties. The show would've been just as good if they called the guy John Doe. But well, I figure it's a fact I deal with, the show in itself is intersting enough to keep watching for now. :) Comment >>

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