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  Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 3:22 pm  
» New Editor On The Block
Well, I took the old Editorial plunge! I got my first show, Birds Of Prey, the short-lived live action series. The summaries are about half done, then I will work on a character guide. Anyway, I am excited about my first show. Hopefully, it will be the first of many.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 3:59 pm 

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 4:16 pm 
Great! Being editor can be a ton of work, but it can also be fun.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 4:47 pm 
Congrats. Too bad Birds of Prey was cancelled.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 5:22 pm 
Enjoy your editorial job!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 5:42 pm 

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 6:53 pm 
Congratulations! Welcome to the Dark Side -- editorship! LOL

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 7:18 pm 
Congrats! Birds of Prey was a fun show!

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Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 8:46 pm 
Thank you everyone for your comments.

Yes BoP was a good show, and short lived, I admit I am a sucker for the superhero genre. Granted, I kinda understand why it got cancelled, some of the continuity of it had a few too many holes .. but that said, I really enjoyed the personalities in it.


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