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"Hail Thor, supreme commander of the Asgard fleet"

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copy of my letter to my brother -- posted on April 11, 2006
this is the last time I help you out bizitch. I hate you and your a jerk. I never said I was the best worker at hardees queer but Im definately no slouch and I certainly work my ass of just as much if not MORE than everyone else cause im the "new guy". I have to do the feeding which isnt hard untill your busy but its never easy. On top of that I do ALL of the grunt work and extra shit they make me for no reason like scrubbing walls and doing eXtra dishes. You alreay attested yourself that you never ha to do that crap. On top of this (and me doing my best at doing these things all at once) I am CONSTANTLY being nagge at and frowned upon, and I certianly wouldnt doubt that there making fun of me behind my back. There justy like you and no one gives me any credit. Your all jerks and since my problems WONT go away and nothing is going to change im going to work untill they fire me or ill quit after my 1st payheck becuase I SHOULDNT have to put up with this. They and YOU have no right to treat me like that. ONE way or another your going to read this and your going to listen to what this says or ill never help you out with ANYTHING again. Comment >>

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