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ok computer. -- posted on November 23, 2009
awesome, i feel like a fraud for coming back to this site after neglecting it so much. i also feel like a fraud for not using captials even though i should, and incorrect grammar shits me.

it is currently 1.11 am in the morning, and i am avoiding going to sleep, even though my eyes hurt and i got a grand total of four hours and forty minutes of sleep the night before. so instead i will sit here in my pyjamas and a cardigan i bought from an op-shop for eight dollars and type out this meaningless crap because i sure don't have anything better to do.

it's strange to look back on my last blog, which was pretty much a year ago, give or take about six weeks, and to see how my interests have changed or remained the same. for one, my musical tastes have changed, although i could not give it a specific genre other than 'alternative', and i did end up buying some radiohead albums. i even ended up getting 'ok computer' twice. and i hardly listen to those albums that i rated so much last year, and i'm developing a taste for bands like bon iver and mumford & sons.

i never have time to read anymore, and this makes me sad. i'm entering into my final year of school soon, and this is flipping me out just a tad. the thing is, i don't know if the course i want to get into - university course, i mean - is a realistic goal. i can never estimate myself right, i'm either under or over estimating myself, which generaly leads to some form of disappointment.

i suppose my obession with britain is still the same, or intensified to a degree. i think i'm learning how to be happier with myself and to not be so reliant on others, as this would ultimately leave me in some state of depression and hopelessness.

also, i'm learning to drive, which means i have the potential to not only kill myself and one of my parents, but people that i don't even know. which kind of sucks, when i think about it. i'm awesome at speeding, which is always helpful.

i've completely forgotten how the flip to give an adequate sign off, flipping hell. Comment >>

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