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Hey, I'm David. You all probably know Jen, my beautiful girlfriend. (L) Anyway, she made me join, so here I am. :p As for the screen name, rusty's a nickname my Grandpa gave me, so basically I'm not creative whatsoever.

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Lazy Saturday -- posted on May 20, 2006
I figured I'd start my blog and I'm not entirely sure why as I have nothing of import to say whatsoever.

However, it is a ridiculously gorgeous Saturday.

I need new sneakers and just got a 20%-off-shoes coupon in the mail.

I am still full of steak and rice and sweet corn from last night's meal.

also of DQ, which J and I decided was the only thing we were gonna interrupt our night of DVR-catchup and leave the house for.

And I'm perfectly rested, adequately caffeinated, and ready for the full day of awesome ahead of me.

So there.

And Jen (or tikidawg as y'all know her as) will be back, with pictures, by Wednesday my sources tell me. Comment >>

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