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The Adventures of a woman on the move -- posted on February 6, 2008
welcome to my world.
I work in two worlds actually
several times a week, I put on a strange red and purple shirt with my finest black pants and almost new boots and hurtle off through the morning peak hour traffic.
I go to work at a science museum as a gallery assistant where, sometimes I operate a roller coaster simulator and other strange contraptions like an Earthquake house . I host the visitors and hang out with a lot of other "GA's" and generally have a fine time while earning a few dollars to keep the hounds from my door and keep the car going.
I love my little car

My other world is being an artist at my studio (The day job also pays for this space plus the paint and stuff ) This studio is located in a tranquil long blue corridor within a historical art center.
Across the hall from me is a very famous artist who paints giant paintings of the flowers she grows in her garden and sells (the paintings ) for thousands of dollars.
She was my printmaking teacher at Art School several years ago and it is so stimulating to have her close by as we have great conversations about Art over cups of tea and listen and sing to world music as we work.
Further down the corridor is my lovely friend and comrade, who is a weaver on a giant loom shuttling away each day for countless hours to create wonderful textiles.
Across from her is a Polish photographer and in other rooms upstairs are drawers and other painters and further up the other way are tthe dancers and writers
I am so lucky I love this place its all I really ever wanted a private space in a creative environment
This year I feel very inspired and will attempt to make a masterpiece or two stay tuned
So this sets the scene of my existence
At the moment I am house sitting at a friends house for a few weeks. I moved in yesterday to look after the beautiful house, water the garden and feed the old cat while my and her husband travel to Queensland
I usually live in a small flat (I call it the bat cave ) so I am feeling quite luxurious at the moment.
Tomorrow I have no work at the Science Museum so I can be myself and get on with a few creative projects.
But now its late I have been far too long in front of this computer and must get up and feed the cat
Good night
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