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  Wednesday, December 16th 2009 7:17 am  
» Watch Episodes section
Mood: disgusted
What's up with the Watch Episode section? I clicked on over twenty different shows and roughly 4-6 episodes per show and all I got was crap about having to go to the Hula home page to see the show, that it was not available here anymore. That's a lot of clicks without getting any action beside the pitiful attempt at misdirection. I don't want to go to Hula and join their little cult just to see what should be, is advertised as available on this site. I have not seen anything that says these episodes are not available on TVRage anymore.
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Posted on Tuesday, December 20th 2011 6:26 pm 
If you were to go to http://surfthechannel.com, they have a couple of pop-up ads but you can find a megavideo link there. That is where I used to go to stream episodes rather then downloading them.


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