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Vince Edwards -- posted on February 23, 2008
Hi my favorite actor is the late Vince Edwards. He passed away in 1996 from pancreatic cancer. Ben Casey was the greatest show. The writing was brilliant as was Vince. A lot of the tv today is formulaic. I am glad to see that Vince is still remembered and still loved today. You just have to google his name. I have been trying to get his other tv series MATT LINCOLN released on dvd. Universal produced it in 1970. There were sixteen episodes plus the pilot film titled Dial Hot Line. Vince played a psychiatrist who ran a walk-in clinic and a telephone hotline for mostly troubled teenagers. The theme of the show was"Someone Cares". This series was of a very different genre. When it originally aired it was up against Flip Wilson, a ratings powerhouse. Also, Matt Lincoln was on at 7:30p.m. Much too early for this type of show. Thus it was cancelled. This series deserves a new life on dvd. A show about empathy, caring, understanding, and helping one another would be welcome in today's world. I have been trying to get a distributor to realize that this series would not only be welcome by fans of Vince Edwards, but by people who would like to see a quality series with a very different theme. Thanks. Comment >>

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