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  Friday, November 10th 2006 4:40 pm  
» Two More TV Favorites Have Signed Off
Hello everyone,

Many of you may have seen the segments of "Ask The Fruitcake Lady" that appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If so, you probably got a good chuckle or two from Marie Rudisill, (The Fruitcake Lady). I had the great fortune to have worked on many of those segments as Marie's sound guy. Unfortunately, Marie passed away on Saturday in Hudson, Florida where she lived.

You can see Jay's written tribute to Marie at the NBC website (see the following link) and there are a few video clips of her segments posted there as well:

>>>Jay's Thought's on the Tonight Show's Fruitcake Lady<<<

If you were a fan, you can send an email to her family via a link on that web page. I'll always remember Marie as the crusty old character for those segments. But she actually had a very sweet disposition when the camera wasn't recording. She was always cheerful and fun with all of us on the crew. Even though she was a curmudgeon on camera, that was mostly an act. She was really a wonderful old lady and she never failed to ask how we (the crew) were doing. Of course, she asked that question from her wheelchair... even with all of her own aches and pains. She was a very caring person who had lived a facinating 95 year life.

She was discovered years ago and would fly out to Los Angeles to make fruitcakes on the Tonight Show with celebrities. But they soon found out that her wit was as funny as her fruitcakes were good. But after awhile, she was too frail to fly, so we taped her segments at her home and in a hotel suite in Tampa.

Yeah, that nasty old lady you saw and laughed at in the segments was an act. Remember her fondly!

* * * * *

And by now you have probably heard that CBS journalist Ed Bradley has passed, due to lukemia. This is again the loss of an icon in the television industry.

Ed was a news correspondent during the Viet Nam war, nearly losing his life there, and for the past many years, has been a friendly face on 60 Minutes, which I have done much work for over the years.

I never worked directly with Ed, having turned down a job I so regretted afterward, of spending a week following B.B. King around on a concert tour. DUH!!!

But I would see Ed on occasion on a job location I would be at. My friends who worked with him said there was no kindler, gentler man in the television business. I now regret I never got to work with him.

Goodbye Ed. Thanks for all your words and your views on this world of ours. You will be terribly missed!


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Posted on Friday, November 10th 2006 9:45 pm 
I'll always remember the comments of Don Imus about the earring Ed Bradley wore on-air: "Ed, you're a newsman not a pirate"

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Posted on Saturday, November 11th 2006 1:38 am 
how come when i click on Mad_Buck's TVR, Blog, or MSG buttons here, it takes me to sounddude's TVR, Blog, and MSG pages?


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Posted on Saturday, November 11th 2006 1:39 am 
well that makes sense. when i click on my buttons it takes me to sounddude's pages as well.

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Posted on Saturday, November 11th 2006 3:16 am 
Aww, I loved the fruitcake lady. I love people who tell things like they are. That old lady told those stupid guys and idiotic acting women on there who asked questions just what she thought of them. Just got to love that.

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Posted on Saturday, November 11th 2006 4:18 am 
Cokebeard: I have no idea why you get to here. It's the internet, man!

Rebelman: The way it actually worked, was that the questions were taken from real questions that were written in to the Tonight Show website. Some questions were made up on the spot by the two producers who would interview her. The questions where she gave a funny answer, they would use that answer, and go out on the street or to one of the local L.A. theme parks, and have a volunteer "ask" the question. That way, you don't have to video people asking a hundred questions that you don't use because she didn't have a funny response.

But she was really good at nailing the bone heads!


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