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Hey everybody! Veiw my faaaabulous proflie! Likeys: Nathan Lane (I love him...) Matthew Broderick The Producers(movie, musical, and movie musical) Broadway The classics HOUSE M.D. (the best show on television..don't deny it) Hugh Laurie (teh sex) Robert Sean Leonard (adorkable) Jesse Spencer (it's the accent...it's so sexy) A Chorus Line my fedora (stay classy San Diego) Musicals (theatregeek) Monty Python Dane Cook (I....am not a twat!) Avenue Q (Schadenfreude) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (filthy, shameless, lying, cheating, dirty, rotten guys) Wicked Spamalot (I'm not dead yet...) RENT A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum The Frogs Friends Guys and Dolls Fiddler on the Roof inspiration sitting in your room and writing what comes to mind theatre all the Pythons Phil of the Future (save it!!!) singing dancing acting drawing/cartooning art music (it's my life) my friends (big part of my life) photoshop (oh, how I love thee...lol) comedy rock pumpkin bread coffee candy (mmm....suuugarrr) bagels caffine (something I really don't need...lol) soda Me-no-likey: homophobes mean people (wow....how vague) spiders tests(oy) gossip rap (loathe is an understatement) abuse (all kinds) girls who wear rediculously small clothes that reveal WAY too much of their bodies people who think that they're better than everyone else people who are conceited (I guess that goes in the category above) stalkers people who judge themselves too harshly SPAM!!!!!!! ~.:.~ Zeekyboogydoog...BOOM! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meron: Is that John Palin? Julia: My god...she has a perch! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Keep it gay, but keep it down." "Never mix ovaltine and extacy." "Tradgedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ulla: Well, Ulla wake up every morning 5 am. From 5 to 7 Ulla like to exercise. From 7 to 8, Ulla like to take long shower. From 7 to 8 Ulla like to have big Swedish breakfast....many different herrings. From 9 to 11, Ulla like to practice her singning and her dancing. And at 11, Ulla like to have sex. What time should I get here? Max and Leo: 11. Dad: If he loves you so much, why won't he sleep with you? Me: Maybe it's because I don't put out. Phoebe: Oh, stop being all testosterony! Chandler: Which is in fact the real San Francisco treat. Chandler: Ok, stop the Q-tip when there's RESISTENCE! *.:.* Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape.

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First blog post -- posted on March 30, 2006
Hello, all......or nobody. Hmm....*echo* Sure is empty here....yet alas, I only have two friends on my friend list. I weep. Oh, my god. I really hate my AP World class. Our teacher is a total bitch and she's a horrible teacher. She goes ballistick because one of my friends didn't bring milk. *-) I loathe her so much. I have gained NOTHING from this waste of time class. And we were watching this Voctorian Age video and there was this kinda low 'boop'-ing sound before the image on the screen changed. It was funny at first because everyone started to hear it...then it got really annoying and all I could concentrate on was the boop. I wrote no notes. I drew in the margins.

On a lighter note, I bought 'Seussical' and 'Dane Cook: Retaliation' the other night. Dane Cook is so funny. And the Seussical soundtrack is so catchy and fun. Big mistake of the day: bringing it into class for journal writing. *headdesk* So embarassing. People were laughing. I mean, I recovered nicely, but still. I'm bringing Chicago next time because Michael is enthralled with the music. Lol. I seem to have this weird attraction toward him. I don't know what it is!!! Ugh, hormones, ya gotta love 'em.

I miss all my TADW friends. It was so nice to see them the other night!! Matt, Tom, Alex, Hannah, Julia, and Gigi. So much fun. Especially after 'Seussical'. Oh god. Goood times. Tom + Matt=hilarity.

I've been writing again, and this always happens at a certain point. It's so weird. I just get inspired to write really good stuff. My thoughts pour onto the paper, my pen scribbling words at the speed of light.....there I go again. :P And usually certain music gets me inspired. Like, RENT, or a mix I made.


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