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  Saturday, January 6th 2007 10:17 am  
» I Need A Little Advice... (Please)
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I have encountered a slight problem that could possibly create a bumpy patch in my usually smooth road of life that I could use a little advice on how to handle it since it is kind of unique; or at least I think it is.

See here's the deal, not only does this create a problem for my friend and I as far as a relationship as friends go, but it is also the most embarassing moment in my entire life, and I'll tell you now that I've had a few of them...

So here's the story, at church Wednesday night, one of my best friends that I've known since fifth grade was playing around on my cell phone which I usually don't let anyone do, but she's slightly the overpowering type so I let it slide though I'll admit that it was bothering me a good bit. Of course, I had nothing to hide on my phone, or that's what I unfortunately thought...

Well, the next thing I know, she's in the photo gallery; nothing to hide, right...? Wrong, way, way, wrong!

Somehow (I have no idea on this earth how...) my phone had taken a picture of me dancing and singing in the shower with the part of the body that all men hold nearest and dearest to them as their most-prized posession that most guys, like me, don't like to have seen by the wrong person (And my friend was the most absolutely wrong person I could imagine...) Well, it was in plain sight for her to see.

If you didn't understand that, basically, my best friend saw a picture of me completely naked in the shower dancing and singing... Yeah, I think that might be a contender for top prize in the Most Embarassing Moment Ever catagory...

The worst part of it all is that I'm pretty sure, not 100% though, that she thinks that I wasn't dancing and was actually doing something else much nastier if you guys out there can understand that. You all might not have a problem with someone thinking that, but it does bother me so...

Any advice out there on how to keep our friendship from getting weird?
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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 12:11 pm 
Wow, that is awkward.

I guess just tell her the truth. I suppose that's what I would do were I in this situation.

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 12:11 pm 
I think you should play it off - act like it's not that embarrassing to you. Joke around about the situation. Your friendship will only get weird if you make it weird. You should try not to show any tension or worries about the situation, and in no time it'll be old news.

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 12:12 pm 
Or you can ask to see her naked to make it even....

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 12:46 pm 
or you should say, this is my pride and joy....few are honored enough to see it....

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 2:15 pm 
Funny guys, very funny... (No really, I'm laughing!)

Anyway, I've mostly been taking the approach method that PureMaria mentioned, that's almost exactly what I have done. I don't really know yet if it's working, but I'll know soon enough.

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 3:22 pm 
I say, do what Maria said, and then go delete the picture. Then double check to see if there's anything else on your phone you'd rather not have people see.

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Posted on Saturday, January 6th 2007 9:53 pm 
Well, that was not supposed to be there at all, but believe me, I already triple checked it...

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Posted on Sunday, January 7th 2007 2:53 am 
OMG, I'm so sorry!

Well, like others all I can advise is to tell them. If they don't believe it then it's not worth it to be with them, because they would listen or at least act like it. Delete pictures ASAP to avoid further embarassment and also make sure it's not spread out (as gossip).


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